Randy Gage is the number one income earner worldwide in his Network Marketing company, having earned more than $10 million with them. Randy's also one of the true feel-good stories of our profession: He rose from a minimum-wage dishwasher to become a multi-millionaire.

We’re excited to announce that yet again, network marketing legend Randy Gage is on the Mastermind Event faculty.  As you probably know, Randy recently dropped the mic and stopped accepting speeches for clients and won't be doing any more public seminars.  In fact, the Mastermind Event is your last chance to see Randy live, as this will be his final public event. And while we have him, we’re putting him to work for you!  

Randy has arguably trained more Network Marketing millionaires and multi-millionaires than anyone alive today. Are YOU going to be the next one on his list?

Upline Magazine called him, “the man that put the marketing back in network marketing.” Randy's book, How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine has sold millions of copies and been translated into more than 20 languages. Many top leaders consider it the seminal work and the textbook of our profession.

Randy’s last book, Risky Is the New Safe was an international bestseller, introducing our profession and residual income to millions of readers around the world.

Unlike those “rah-rah” sessions you see at many other events, we structure our presentations to give you practical application tips you can immediately apply to grow your business.  And few do this better than Randy…

Once again, he will set the tone for the weekend, starting it off with an opening keynote for the General Session.  This will be a penetrating look at what could be holding you back from reaching your goals.  You’ll learn how to overcome fear of rejection, fear of failure, and even fear of success.  You’ll also learn if the thing holding you back is simply a skill set you haven’t learned yet. 

And once again, we’re bringing back an audience favorite, the “So You Think You Can Sponsor” competition.  Randy will be on the panel of judges with Art Jonak, Sarah Robbins and Orjan Saele.  Not only is this segment fun and entertaining, but more importantly, will give you brilliant insights on how to make your presentations more compelling, professional and effective.  

Randy will be participating in two more sessions at the event. The first will be one of the Master Classes, another Mastermind Event exclusive.  Randy’s class will teach you how to develop true duplication, bringing in people who can replicate your results and repeat the process deep in your organization.  You’ll learn strategies that can dramatically increase the speed your team recruits, gains customers and builds volume.  And finally, if you’re a million-dollar producer, you’ll want to take his breakout session just for 7-figure leaders. 

You don’t want to miss this!  Make sure you’re in the convention hall for Randy’s final presentation.  And of course Randy is just ONE of an All-Star faculty of presenters. 

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